Research and Projects

York's ESL Faculty work in a range of interdisciplinary research areas that include:

  • Corrective feedback practices in the ESL classroom
  • Language policy and planning
  • English as a world language
  • Effective transitions in ESL teaching
  • How sociocultural theory contributes to second language education
  • How technology-mediated teaching can enhance ESL learning and engagement
  • ESL teacher education
  • Language in K-12 and higher education
  • Bi/multiligualism
  • Language assessment
  • Content and Language integration

Projects include:

  • Research exploring the experiences of York undergraduate ESL learners
  • Working with university-wide YUStart and First Year Experience working groups to help support ESL learner transitions into undergraduate programs
  • Working with the Teaching Commons to advocate on behalf of ESL learners' needs and help guide faculty in successfully working with linguistically and culturally diverse student population
  • Helping guide equitable assessment practices for ESL students in workshops on assessment for Teaching Assistants at York
  • Designing/facilitating "Principles of Effective Writing for Science and Technology", a workshop for incoming graduate students, to help improve their science/technology-specific writing and reading skills
  • Examining plurilingual, e-portfolio and action-oriented task-based approaches in English language teaching and learning.